1. Intercultural Counseling and Communication

Sharpening our sensitivity to our colleagues from different backgrounds allows us to build ally relationships. Learning to work with students and their families from other cultures enables us to work with them and support them more effectively. This workshop focuses on topics of multicultural understanding, respect, and communication, and better ways of meeting the special needs of our students. We will do role-playing and sensitivity exercises.

In a 2-hour, activity-oriented workshop, we will cover the following topics:

*Building intercultural allies and intercultural collaboration
*Developing cultural competency
*Intercultural conflict and communication
*Working with colleagues, students and their families who are culturally different
*Dominant and subdominant group dynamics

2. Nourishing Ourselves

Dr. Whitney Laughlin, our workshop leader, has been a life-long practitioner of healthy living. For the past 35 years she has attended workshops throughout the country, seeking ways to manage stress and lead a healthy, integrated life. She would like to share some of the very practical ideas she has learned along the way in a workshop which promises to be uplifting, inspiring, and, above all, useful to those of us who never seem to have enough time for ourselves.

A vegetarian of 35 years (no, she won't make you eat tofu), she is also a practitioner of Zen meditation, an avid organic gardener, a massage practitioner, and a lover of good food and wine. On the physical side, she practices yoga, runs, cycles (she has done several century and long-distance rides), mountain bikes, hikes, cross country skiis, snorkles and sea kayaks.

Topics and activities
Dealing with stress
Foods and plants that energize and heal
Healing ourselves

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