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Victoria, BC (250) 478-7762
Santa Fe, NM (505) 690-9054
NM CRS ID# 02-347885-003

  • Board Development
  • Collaborative Ventures and Mergers
  • Community Needs Assessment
  • Marketing
  • Organizational Assessment
  • Program Evaluation
  • Strategic Planning
  • Specialty Areas: Education, Environment, Intercultural Programs, Native American and Hispanic Issues, Women's Issues, Rural, Youth, Start-Ups
Whitney Laughlin


•The 13th Regional Corporation
An Alaska Native Corporation
Board Workshop
Liz Ross, Board Chair, (206) 575-6229

•Southwest Creations
Board Training (conducted in Spanish)
Susan Matteuci (505) 247-8559

•American Indian Science and Engineering Society (AISES)
Program Evaluation, Workshops, Editor of American Indian College Guide
Dr. Karen Yamamoto (505) 890-8557; Dr. Shelly Valdez (505) 550-4189

•Native American Prep School
Consultant in admission, college counseling and alumni retention in college
Edison Eskeets:; Katy Power (505) 983-9121

•Coffee Kids
Board Development, Program Assistance
Bill Fishbein (505) 820-1443; Matthew Hess (505) 268-5881

•New Mexico Community Foundation
Workshop on Cross Cultural Technical Assistance
Robert Stark (505) 820-6860

•Wings of Change
Program Evaluation, 2-3/2000
GL Scarborough (719) 471-7067

•Grinnell College
Consulting on recruitment and retention of Native American students
Tom Crady (800) 247-0113

•Macalester College
Consulting on recruitment and retention of Native American students
Lorne Robinson (800) 231-7974; Roberto Ifill (651) 696-6011

•New Mexico Environmental Law Center
Strategic Planning, Board and Staff Retreat
Doug Meiklejohn (505) 989-9022

Organizational Assessment
GL Scarborough (719) 477-7067; Julia Bergen, (505) 988-5039


Dr. Laughlin has over 25 years experience in program evaluation and organizational assessment. She holds a doctorate from UC Berkeley in nonprofit management, has directed three start up organizations and has worked for nonprofits for over 25 years. Fluent in Spanish, Dr. Laughlin has lived in the Southwest for 30 years, working extensively with Hispanic and Native American communities. She currently divides her time between New Mexico and Victoria, BC.


Dr. Laughlin brings a wealth of experience working for nonprofit organizations from Hawaii to Costa Rica. Her true love is organizational assessment and program evaluation. She works with her clients to develop a better sense of their organization or program as a whole, while developing a practical step-by-step plan for implementation and improvement.


Whitney was able to pull together a diverse Native board with many years of baggage. She allowed us to explore our own feelings while giving us the opportunity to see another board member in a new and clear way. We learned things about this other person (with whom we may have had conflict) that will allow us to be more sensitive to their point of view and perspective.

We highly recommend Whitney for her ability to cut to the chase and open up lines of communication, especially as in our case, with a board in conflict.

Liz Ross, Board Chair
An Alaska Native Corporation

I first met Whitney Laughlin when I was the Acting Executive Director of LightHawk in 1993. She was hired to conduct an organizational analysis to determine LightHawk's strengths and weaknesses. Her analysis was thorough and detailed and her report was superior in every respect. LightHawk benefited from her objectivity and her ability to get to the root of problems and to offer effective alternatives. Working with Whitney was a pleasure and I would work with her again and again.

As the founder of Wings of Change, I wanted only board members who are dedicated to helping solve conservation issues and are willing to do their part in supporting Wings of Change's efforts. There is no room on our board for "lookers". Every board member is expected to take an active role in board decisions and guidance and policy making. I asked Whitney to be on our board because she is a dedicated conservationist, an expert in non-profit management, professional program evaluator, fluent in Spanish, and just an all-around perfect board member. Her enthusiasm and support is contagious and I want her to infect everyone who comes in contact with her regarding Wings of Change with her energy and enthusiasm.

GL Scarborough, Executive Director of Wings of Change

We had struggled with the problem of developing our board for years and something always stood in the way, whether external or in our own organizational dynamic. Truthfully, it seemed like an impossible task - until I met Dr. Whitney Laughlin. Almost immediately we began to see results, and within a few short months, we had literally reached every goal we set out to accomplish.

Bill Fishbein, Executive Director, Coffee Kids

Thank you Whitney! Your immense skill as a facilitator, your knowledge of nonprofit issues and dynamics, along with your careful preparation and sense of humor, made this our most successful and productive board retreat ever.

Matthew Hess, Managing Director, Coffee Kids

Whitney Laughlin has been instrumental in establishing the American Indian College Guide as an annual resource for students, parents and counselors. She helped with the initial concept for a source of information that would be available in remote locations to help Indian students, who had no other sources and often no role models or advisors. She has continued to provide encouragement, advice, and editorial content over the last six years that has seen the College Guide become a standard for college information in Indian country. She has also worked closely with AISES and Winds of Change on other projects such as her annual pre-college workshop, College Horizons. Dr. Laughlin is an enthusiastic proponent of American Indians in higher education and a valuable resource in our efforts and programs. We sincerely appreciate her creativity, abilities, and contributions.

Dick Pierce, formerly AISES Director of Special Programs and Marketing

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