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College & Career Counseling


  • Your support from narrowing down universities to Nad’s writing his essays, and everything else in between, was truly appreciated. You provided the appropriate amount of support without being too pushy and you let Nad make his own decisions. You were realistic in your comments as you reminded him that it is a fifty-fifty chance but worth the try. Go to our website and get online casino bonus ohne einzahlung sofort. Hurry up to go and start winning.�Hoda Kilani, mother of Nad, Calgary, AB. Class of 2015, Webber Academy; Class of 2019, Wharton School of Business (Huntsman Program), U. of Pennsylvania
  • Whitney was a great asset in my college application process. She was invaluable in aiding me to truly convey both who I am and my dreams in my applications. I really appreciated her consistent patience and deep knowledge in answering every single question of mine about the ins-and-outs of the application process. Whitney’s meticulous commitment was a great asset to help me perfect my ability to craft a set of unique and quality essays. And I’m thrilled that I will be attending the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania! You’ll find the best https://vogueplay.com/nl/hellraiser/ here, you have time to get it!�Josh Michnowski, Calgary, AB. Class of 2014, Webber Academy; Class of 2018, Wharton School of Business, U. of Pennsylvania
  • Our family highly recommends Whitney as a college counselor. We have used her twice: our oldest son was admitted early to his top choice, Brown University, while our younger son was recently accepted to Stanford University Early Action. Having Whitney on our team as we went through the college process was one of the smartest decisions we’ve made.From the first moment, it was clear that Whitney wasn’t like other advisors. She made it clear that her top priority was finding the right fit for our sons rather than getting them accepted into the highest status school. She really got to know them both, and genuinely appreciated their unique personalities. Even when the boys would drive us crazy being typical teenagers, Whitney was able to connect with them and keep moving forward with the college application process. It removed an enormous source of conflict from our family. From a parent’s perspective, at the most anxious moments in the process, it was reassuring to know that Whitney had been through it many times. Whitney worked carefully with both boys to make sure that their top pick (Brown and Stanford) was right for them, and then helped them explore other colleges so they would have a good back up plan. As other friends or family members would throw out random suggestions, Whitney could always explain why she hadn’t recommended a top ranked school as it wasn’t a good fit for our sons. As they prepared their applications, Whitney worked with both of them to focus their applications and essays. She has also helped both with outside scholarship applications. Also, I would note that our older son is dyslexic, and it was hard for us to determine on our own which colleges truly welcomed and accommodated students with learning differences. Whitney’s long experience with these colleges, and helping other students with LD, was apparent throughout our discussions. Finally, start with Whitney as early as she will accept your child. She started working with our younger son when he finished 9th grade. While that may sound early, she helped him with lots of steps along the way and spread them out so the process wasn’t overwhelming. It was the smartest investment we’ve ever made. �Linda Phillips, mother of William, Class of 2009, Los Alamos HS, Class of 2013, Brown University and Derek, Class of 2014, South Lakes HS, Class of 2018, Stanford University
  • We feel extremely lucky that our paths crossed with Whitney Laughlin when our daughter was in grade 9. Ever since that first day, Whitney has been extremely supportive, caring and understanding � not just towards my daughter but our whole family. She has guided and informed us all through each and every process and has followed up regularly, making sure that my daughter was on track. We knew nothing of this huge process of university applications, and we were very overwhelmed by it. Whitney has been our guide, our teacher, mentor and therapist through it all! She always believed in our child, and encouraged her to be the best that she could be.Whitney took us through everything, step by step, providing us with lots of wonderful reading material while keeping us updated with the latest articles, and research. She is a great communicator, replying by email that same day or the next, to any questions or worries we ever had. She has given our daughter crucial advice and recommendations while encouraging her to make her own decisions, and most importantly, to be herself and to believe in herself. During these last three years, not only has Whitney supported our daughter with top notch university counselling, she has also played a crucial role in empowering her to be the strong, intelligent young woman that she is. That is priceless. We are extremely grateful that Whitney has changed our daughter’s life and future. Words cannot express our feelings. We are looking forward to going through it all over again with our younger daughter in just a few years! �Demet & Kerem San, Victoria, BC. Parents of Zeyn San, Class of 2014, St. Michaels University School; Class of 2018, Harvard College
  • Whitney was an invaluable resource in my college application process. She took an incredibly hands-on, detail-oriented approach, appeasing my anxiety by ensuring that no T’s went uncrossed. I found her materials on writing the college essay and on filling out the Common Application invaluable; such training showed me exactly what I needed to do and how to achieve it. She also directed me to an excellent math tutor for the SATs who helped me significantly boost my math score. I was fortunate enough to get into all of the schools I applied to and with merit scholarships. I look forward to attending my dream school, NYU, this fall. Thank you so much, Whitney!�Frances Thomas, Vancouver, BC. Class of 2014, Sentinel Secondary. Class of 2018, New York University My daughter was recently accepted to the U.S. school of her dreams with a really great scholarship. I believe that Whitney was not only instrumental, but critical to the process of getting her there. The process of deciding on and applying to the school or schools that are the right fit for your child can be daunting, confusing and anxiety provoking. Whitney’s approach is both very personal and very systematic � she gets to know your child, her interests and strengths, and acts as a guide through a process that she understands deeply. I can also say that the opportunity to answer my daughter’s questions about college with “I don’t know, call Whitney” was really fantastic! Thank you Whitney, you are truly a gem. �Nancy Thomas, mother of Frances
  • As a Canadian, the decision about which schools in North America to apply to was overwhelming. Further, where to concentrate our time was a challenge. Whitney Laughlin was engaged as an expert resource, and that’s exactly what she provided: expert advice. First, she got to know our daughter with interviews and questionnaires. Whitney then pinpointed the types of programs and schools that would best suit her skills, and offered an extensive starting list of schools. She met with all of us to review the options and why she felt each was worth our consideration. She gave our daughter a clear list of what she needed to do from her resume to her personal statement and essay, with the important element of deadlines.Whitney helped us narrow our selection, set expectations and timeframes. Whitney also critiqued our daughter’s resume and applications, and went on to coach her on how to secure the most critical interviews with her top choices, and then offered tips on how to make the interviews count. In the end, with all of Whitney’s help, our daughter applied for Early Decision to her first choice school � and was accepted. We’re thrilled, and thankful to Whitney for her encouragement, knowledge and deadlines. �Kathyrn Tremblay, Ottawa, ON, mother of Morgan Guimaraes, Class of 2014, Ashbury College. Class of 2018, Babson College
  • I am so glad we had access to Whitney’s wealth of knowledge, contacts and help throughout the complex process of looking at US schools. Jordan always knew she wanted to play post secondary volleyball while also getting a good education. Interested coaches from US schools began contacting Jordan in December of Grade 10. We had no idea the US schools started recruiting so early! Jordan did not seriously consider the US schools until November of Grade 11. Once we started looking at these schools, the volume of material was overwhelming. We decided to contact Whitney in January of Jordan’s Grade 11 year.Whitney took the time to get to know Jordan and made recommendations based on the contacts Jordan already had. She also introduced other school recommendations based on Jordan’s academic needs and had her contact those coaches. She probably reduced the time Jordan would have otherwise spent by 80% because of her 30 plus years of experience. She was direct and to the point. This approach was what our family really appreciated because of the time limitations in our day to day life. Once the choices were narrowed down, Whitney guided Jordan through the application process by keeping her on track for required essay deadlines. She proofread all the essays and her Common Application. I know Whitney was instrumental in Jordan’s decision making and in Jordan’s successful early admission to Whitman College where she will also be playing varsity volleyball. Whitman College was one of the schools recommended by Whitney and was ultimately the best fit for Jordan. I am forever grateful to Whitney for her help, patience and guidance throughout. I believe the earlier she is involved, the better. �Lita Eng, Calgary, AB., mother of Jordan Ng, Class of 2014, Rundle College, Class of 2018, Whitman College
  • Finding the right university for two highly academic student athletes can be a challenge � then came Whitney. Whitney is truly concerned that your child gets to a university that is the right fit. She is very accessible and her knowledge is invaluable. She worked closely with our girls through the whole process, which took the pressure off us as parents. Carina and Julia are extremely happy at Colorado College, where they play NCAA DIv.1 soccer, in a challenging academic environment.�Jennifer Bland, White Rock, BC, mother of Carina and Julia Lauzon, Classes of 2013 and 2014, Southridge Academy. Classes of 2016 and 2017, Colorado College
  • Whitney helped me realize what I want in a university, saving me from wasting time and effort into applying to universities that really weren’t a good fit for me. University applications can be a stressful and tricky process for both students and parents, and she provided the guidance and time-management skills that were sorely needed. I am extremely happy to have gotten into my first choice university, no doubt something I owe to her counselling.University applications are a bit like dating. Whitney is like the big sister who helps you avoid blunders, realize what you really want in a university, and give pointers on how to charm the university of your dreams. �Justin Chan, Vancouver, BC. Class of 2013, Mulgrave School; Class of 2017, Claremont McKenna College
  • Barnard has been an excellent fit as you predicted. Your intuition was spot on. Eliana had a great second semester (all but one class was at Columbia) and surpassing expectations in the most challenging class, Accelerated Physics. Only 27 of the 50 students who started in this incredibly demanding Columbia class finished and she finished with one of the top grades. The class was taught by Brian Cole, co-head of one of the two major experimental centers at CERN (Atlas). He has taken his students under his wing and Eliana is doing a paid internship with him in NYC this summer. Pretty remarkable. We feel so lucky that you guided her and us through the process and that she is doing so well. �Shelley Mann-Lev, mother of Eliana, Class of 2013, The MASTERS program, Santa Fe, NM; Class of 2017, Barnard College
  • Whitney helped James enormously with his college search in the LA area. He is now attending a college that feels like a perfect fit, thanks to her guidance. James and I were both impressed with the time Whitney took to get to know James so that she could recommend the right schools to him. Her mentoring was fabulous. James did the work, but Whitney was there quietly in the background providing due date reminders and solid advice as to how to study for the ACTs and prepare the Common App and supplemental essays. I recommend Whitney highly as a support through the rigorous process of applying to US schools.�Sarah Mills, Toronto, ON, mother of James Coholan, Class of 2012, Crescent School; Class of 2017, Occidental College (after a gap year)
  • I owe a lot of my success to Whitney Laughlin. She knows American schools like the back of her hand, which helped her easily pick out schools that were a personal fit for me in every area thinkable. While working with Whitney there was a perfect balance between the structure she gave me and my own independent work. It was also nice to have non-biased opinions and advice from a third person aside from parents! I would most definitely recommend her for a smooth and successful journey through university applications!�Abbey Piazza, Victoria, BC. Class of 2013, St Michaels University School; Class of 2017, Quest University Canada
  • We chose to use a consultant because the school my son attended did not have many students seeking a U.S. education, so we felt the school could not offer the same level of experience that a U.S. consultant could provide. Whitney worked exclusively with our son and was extremely successful at finding schools that were the right fit for him.We would never have found the schools Whitney recommended for our son, and in fact my husband who frequently talks to people living in the U.S. were amazed that we even knew about such obscure yet highly rated schools. Whitney also had several connections at schools, which I believe in the end helped our son. She was very proactive at getting our son to reach out to talk to faculty and athletic directors to help him get a sense of the school. I don’t think he would have done this solely on his parents urging!!! In summary, I think Whitney is a wonderful, down to earth, and practical consultant. If your goal is to find a school that matches your child’s abilities and personality she is perfect. She is absolutely fantastic at helping with the application process, making sure your child is making deadlines and is completely positive and supportive along the way. I think she is amazing and we will be using her for our daughter as she navigates this process. �Ann Leese, Toronto, ON, mother of Graham Rotenberg, Class of 2012, Crescent School; Class of 2017, Brown University (after a gap year)
  • When our daughter first started to work with Whitney she had decided that she wanted to become a band manager after high school. After working with Whitney and exploring different options, her focus changed from wanting to manage a band, to wanting to find a career where she could work with bands. After considering many options our daughter has chosen to attend Queen’s University in Ontario.Whitney was a wonderful choice for us to work with. She is a great listener and gets her students to think broadly and research their choices. She is persistent and consistent in her advice and has a depth of experience that she can draw from. We would highly recommend her. �Sharon Glover, Vancouver, BC, Mother of Paige, Class of 2012, Mulgrave School; Class of 2016, Queens University
  • Before college counseling, I had absolutely no idea what I was going to do, where I was going to go, or even what tests to take to get into schools. I had never even heard of Oberlin, or most of the other schools I applied to. Now, I feel very prepared for college, and I can confidently say that the school I am attending is the right one for me. I wouldn’t be able to say that if it weren’t for the hours of research and the tests and the advice you gave me. The entire experience has been eye-opening, and mostly pretty enjoyable. In the end I am better off than if you hadn’t helped me. Thank You.� Scott Russell (Manzano HS Class of 2012; Oberlin College Class of 2016) A year and a half ago, I never imagined that Scott would be going to a small prestigious liberal arts school in Ohio. I am so glad we worked with you! As I told you some time ago, you broadened our horizons so we could broaden his. Thank you. �Carol Meincke (mother of Scott Russell)
  • In 2010 when our oldest daughter began planning for college it was apparent the process had changed markedly since mom and dad participated in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s: more students, more competition, and more money. With Whitney’s assistance we learned the importance of college selection based on whether it was a good fit for the student and not just a simple process based on school name and reputation. Our daughter ended-up with several “good fit” choices, selected an excellent school, has already completed a semester of study abroad in London, and will graduate in 2014.Earlier this year when our youngest daughter began her college applications, she had fallen in love with a specific school and was reasonably certain admittance was possible. We thought at this time that we had enough experience and knowledge and could negotiate it alone without Whitney. With only a few weeks remaining in the application season, our confident student was rejected from the school of her choice. Turns out this school was one of the most difficult to gain admission to � Whitney knew this but we did not. A fast call to Whitney soon had several other selections in hand. Our daughter completed the new applications and we waited. Soon, high-quality, good fit schools suggested by Whitney responded with admissions. Much to our surprise, a week later one of these schools offered a substantial merit scholarship and a paid undergraduate research position teaming our daughter with a professor and research project. She is entering the second semester at this school and is very happy. Whitney is also to be respected for the work she does in placing minority and underrepresented students in college. We have met one of these students and can attest to the positive change on her life. Thank you, Whitney! �David and Janice Carroll, Los Alamos, NM; parents of Emma (Class of 2010, Los Alamos HS; Class of 2014, Pomona College) and Anna (Class of 2012, Los Alamos HS; Class of 2016, Smith College)
  • Right from the start I knew Whitney didn’t just want to help me get into university; she wanted to help find the right university for me. I cannot imagine going through this whole process without her help. Having applied to the US, the UK, and Canada, Whitney was able to make sure I completed all the requirements and answered my never-ending list of questions. Knowing that she had checked everything over from my essays to the application I was able to click the submit button with confidence! Thanks again for all your help!�Saiyada Sumar, Toronto, ON, Class of 2011, Bishop Strachan School; Class of 2015, NYU (Gallatin)
  • The best Christmas present I could have asked for would be to be accepted by my number one college choice. With Whitney’s help, it happened. Now, we all have our little bursts of excitement when we open that one awesome present. Mine was a little like this.�Tim Firestone, Greenwich, CT, Class of 2011, Kents Hill School; Accepted Early Decision to Connecticut College, Class of 2015
  • We are profoundly grateful for your excellent college counseling services that resulted in both our sons being accepted at their first choice universities. In addition, Marcus received a full five-year merit scholarship to study Architecture at Syracuse University and Daniel recently was awarded a full scholarship to attend Lehigh University to study Engineering. Your intimate knowledge and time-tested expertise in the complex field of college applications helped us navigate these most challenging rapids. We could have not managed to achieve this outcome without your help.You were a joy to work with and kept the hope of admission shining, right up to the moment of receiving the award letters in the mail. Know that we see this investment in your services to be priceless. We are forever appreciative for all your efforts and deeply thankful for this amazing gift! �Michael and Valli Baron, Santa Fe, NM; parents of Marcus (Class of 2010, Santa Fe Prep; Class of 2014, Syracuse University) and Daniel (Class of 2011, Santa Fe HS; Class of 2015, Lehigh University)
  • Whitney was extremely helpful in my college application process. She made great suggestions for colleges of my career choice, engineering, and answered all my questions promptly. In the end I was accepted into my first choice college with a full need based scholarship. I am deeply grateful and would recommend her without a doubt as a great college counselor.�Daniel Baron, Class of 2011, Santa Fe HS; Class of 2015, Lehigh University
  • Whitney was a great help during the college application process. She helped me immensely in targeting colleges that were a good fit for me. I appreciated her helpful suggestions for the actual applications, and that she always quickly answered any questions I had. With her years of experience, she is an invaluable resource � I recommend Whitney! �Stowe McMurry, Santa Fe, NM, Class of 2011, Santa Fe HS; Accepted Early Action to Georgetown School of Foreign Service, Class of 2011
  • When my family first started to consider the vast array of colleges to choose from we honestly were overwhelmed. We decided to seek the expertise of Whitney Laughlin in the hopes that she could point us in a better direction and aid us in the application process. To be perfectly frank I believe it was the best decisions we could have made. She was able to understand who I am as a student and help me understand and select the colleges that offer the best programs promoting my academic interest and strengths. Not only did she show me how to create the best possible application, but more importantly, she taught me how to express who I am and what I want as a college applicant. I am very proud to say that I was accepted into every school I applied to and will be attending Sarah Lawrence College in the fall. I adamantly believe that I owe a great deal of my application success to Whitney and I cannot thank her enough for all the help she gave me and my family.Alexandra Martone, Class of 2011, Public Academy for Performing Arts, Albuquerque, NM; Class of 2015, Sarah Lawrence College
  • Thank you, Whitney, for all of your support, your long hours of reading all my essays, your persistence with my procrastination, and your patience. If I didn’t have your help, I wouldn’t be doing any of this right now. I would have given up on trying to find the right college for me a long, long time ago. So thank you and all of your hard work.�Mary Ann Maestas, Class of 2011, Santa Fe HS; Class of 2015, Smith College
  • Without Whitney, I wouldn’t have thought to look into Pomona, which turns out to be the happiest place on Earth � next to Disneyland.�Allison Mercer-Smith, Class of 2011, Los Alamos HS, NM; Class of 2015, Pomona College (accepted ED)
  • I can tell you with all confidence that the work you did with Willie was just the right direction we needed to guide him to college selection and acceptance. From our first call to all the emails, phone interviews and work with Willie, your guiding hand and care were evident. Thank you for helping this wonderful son of mine see his way to acceptance into some fine colleges. There can be a great deal of anxiety and fear about the college process and you actually make the process a learning and growing experience. We loved the push you gave us when we needed it and mostly, as I look back over the last year, we loved the ease in which you guided us. Thank you.�Honnie Edwards, Christiansted, St. Croix, mother of Willie, Class of 2011, New Summit Academy, Alajuela, Costa Rica; Class of 2015, University of Tampa
  • Whitney was someone who was so utterly comforting that I would have rather discussed all school business with her, rather than my parents!!! From the first time I met Whitney I felt like we had known each other for years. She just beams friendliness and comfort constantly. This is a once in a life time opportunity, college, and I would highly recommend Whitney being the person that helps you through this life changing process.�Maredith Davis, Class of 2010, Desert Academy, Santa Fe, NM; Class of 2014, Whittier College
  • Whitney’s astute input became a valuable asset for me in braving the interminable college application process. I happened to know exactly where I wanted to go to school, and Whitney helped get me there with relative ease.�Andrew Overton, Class of 2010, St. Michael’s High School, Santa Fe, NM; Class of 2014, New York University (accepted ED)
  • It was a pleasure for our family to work with Whitney in assessing what was best for our daughter who had her heart set on Brown University. Whitney was very helpful in helping our daughter understand her choices, the differences between schools, what she was suited for, whether her choices made sense, and good alternatives and backups. She helped our daughter manage the application process and took a lot of pressure off us. Whitney did all this in an organized, controlled, calm, upbeat and thoughtful manner. Our daughter applied early and was admitted to Brown, and upon getting the decision her first instinct was to contact Whitney and thank her for all her help. Whitney is a real pro.�Sarah and Terry Kavanagh, Toronto, ON, parents of Allison Kavanagh, Class of 2009, Bishop Strachan School, Class of 2013, Brown University
  • Thanks so much for all of your help in Jessica’s and Bianca’s college searches! Your guidance on career choices, college selection, SAT and ACT test preparation, and essay critiques helped them select the best fit and submit a competitive application. They were both accepted to their top three choices and could not have achieved this without all of your support!�Susan Buck, Jakarta, Indonesia, mother of Jessica and Bianca, Jakarta International School Class of 2008 & 2009; Class of 2012 & 2013, Harvard College
  • Whitney Laughlin helped all three of our daughters pick excellent choices for college and more importantly find schools that suited them perfectly.�Louise and Boud Atterbury, Santa Fe, NM, parents of Daisy, Yale University, Marie, Brown University, and Carolyn, New York University
  • Dr. Laughlin is simply amazing. Not only did she seem to know someone in the admissions department of nearly every college I applied to, she is ridiculously adept at getting to know you and finding colleges that suit you. I got into a college that is better than what I could have reasonably expected at the start of the application process, and I actually learned a lot about what kind of person I am.�Ang Li, Vancouver, BC, Class of 2009, Mulgrave School; Class of 2013, Wesleyan University
  • I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for your wonderful assistance in guiding Will to a college choice. Your suggestions for college choices provided a route to college education that Linda and I were completely unfamiliar with and would probably never have thought to suggest to Will. Will applied to six college and universities and was accepted at all six, including his reach school, Reed College. That was great for Will’s self-esteem.Given the current state of the economy finances did have to play a part in the decision. Ultimately, Hendrix offered Will $20,000 a year in academic and music scholarships. I must confess, at the beginning of the process I wasn’t sure how much return we would see on your fee. $2,000 seemed like a lot of money to spend on guidance Will could get through the high school. I was feeling overwhelmed by the complexity of the process however, and decided to take a gamble on you in the hopes of benefiting Will. It was quite apparent, as early as halfway through the process and before applications had even been filed, that the money was well spent. Of course, when the acceptances and scholarships began rolling in all trace of doubt about the benefits of your services were extinguished. Your fee was worth every penny! �Robert Repass, father of Will, Class of 2009, Los Alamos HS, Class of 2013, Hendrix College
  • Our son did his senior year in Costa Rica, so we were nervous about his ability to navigate the college application process successfully. Whitney did a wonderful job identifying four great schools that met his interests, and in guiding him through the application cycle. In the end, he was accepted at all four schools, and was awarded a merit scholarship at one of them.But that doesn’t tell the whole story. Having had a challenging high school experience, our son was initially leaning towards taking a year off before college. Whitney’s non-judgmental advice was instrumental in re-awakening his interest in continuing his education. We would definitely recommend Whitney as a college counselor. �Mark Olbert, father of Arthur, Class of 2009, New Summit Academy, Class of 2013, Western Washington University
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